USA advances to the quarterfinals with four consecutive wins

SEPTEMBER 1 , 2023 - Basketball - FIBA World Cup 2023 - Second Round - Group J between USA 85-73 Montenegro at Mall of Asia Arena, Manila, Philippines. (Photo by SportsPressJP/AFLO) 

The United States basketball team demonstrated overwhelming strength in the first round of the group phase, securing decisive victories over the New Zealand, Greece, and Jordan teams, with an impressive 48-point lead against Jordan. However, they faced an unexpected challenge in their first game of the second round against Montenegro.

Head Coach Steve Kerr praised Montenegro, acknowledging their excellent coaching and effective game plan, highlighting that their players understood and executed their roles effectively. On the other hand, the American team attributed their difficulties in the game to a failure to move the ball effectively. Despite the tough match, Kerr commended the players for their outstanding performance, emphasizing that such games are a part of sports and must be faced head-on.

Kerr further expressed his belief that challenging games like this one, with fierce competition in every possession, contribute significantly to the team's improvement. He was satisfied with how the players closed out the game and looks forward to their continued growth in future matches.