Lithuania's impressive start defeated the USA.

September 3, 2023, Basketball - FIBA World Cup 2023 - Second Round - Group J - United States 104-110 Lithuania - Mall of Asia Arena, Manila, Philippines

In a press conference following the USA vs. Lithuania basketball game, the USA coach and players discussed the match. Despite USA losing 110-104, both teams had already secured spots in the quarterfinals. Coach Kerr acknowledged Lithuania's impressive start, praising their three-point shooting. He appreciated his team's effort in the second half but admitted it wasn't enough. He also noted that the loss wouldn't affect their goal of winning the gold medal and emphasized the valuable experience gained from facing strong FIBA teams.

Anthony Edwards concurred with the coach's assessment and focused on moving forward to the next game. During the Q&A session, Coach Kerr addressed communication issues in the first half and discussed the team's defensive challenges. Anthony Edwards emphasized that Lithuania deserved the win, acknowledging their opponent's exceptional performance.

The coach clarified that Austin's removal from the game was due to foul trouble and expressed confidence in his abilities. He also explained a couple of shot clock violations during the game. Regarding the Olympics qualification, Coach Kerr mentioned that the team had already secured a spot but stressed their focus on winning the World Cup.

When asked about Jaren's foul trouble, the coach highlighted the impact of his early fouls on the game and the need for improvement. In response to a question about finding satisfaction in the team's performance, Coach Kerr stated that he appreciated the experience and believed the loss would help the team grow and adapt to FIBA play.

Lastly, when asked what they would do differently if they faced Lithuania again, Coach Kerr chose not to reveal their strategy, as they might face Lithuania in the future.

Overall, the press conference highlighted the team's resilience and commitment to improving as they advanced to the quarterfinals of the tournament.


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