The Power of Belief, Japan's Transformation

SEPTEMBER 2, 2023 - Basketball : FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Classification 17-32 Group O match between Japan 80-71 Cape Verde at Okinawa Arena, Okinawa, Japan.

In a post-game interview, Tominaga and Thomas Hovasse head coach reflected on their team's performance and journey to the Paris Olympics. Tominaga expressed his excitement about the victory but acknowledged the need for improvement in certain aspects of his game, particularly turnovers. He emphasized the team's commitment to learning and self-improvement.

Thomas Hovasse praised the team's overall mindset, highlighting the determination to prove and better themselves. He mentioned the contributions of young players and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to compete in the Paris Olympics.

During the Q&A session, a journalist asked about the significance of Japan's three wins in the tournament. Thomas Hovasse explained that despite losses to strong teams like Germany and Australia, the team gained respect by fighting hard and winning the second halves of those games. He saw these victories as crucial for Japan's basketball and wanted to continue moving forward.

When asked if they had shocked the world with their performance, Thomas Hovasse mentioned that they hadn't shocked the world but had shown their potential. He believed that gaining respect and winning games at this level were significant steps forward.

Tominaga shared his perspective on bouncing back from recent struggles with three-pointers, expressing his determination to help the team. He was glad to have made a positive impact in the game.

Another journalist inquired about the team's transformation from the beginning of the tournament. Thomas Hovasse emphasized the importance of changing mindsets, attitudes, and belief systems among the players. He stressed that everyone had to step up as the first option on the national team, and the players embraced this mindset shift, leading to their success.

In summary, Tominaga and Thomas Hovasse discussed their team's growth, mindset, and determination to improve, as well as the significance of their wins in the tournament and their journey to the Paris Olympics. Thomas Hovasse highlighted the importance of changing beliefs and mindsets within the team to achieve success.

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